Enjoy the Digital Rights Expo

Started online on 17 May 2020. Ready for physical version on 1 July.


In our more and more connected society every time you log on to the Internet, to a specific service and/or interact with someone or some thing data is collected. Your person data is valuable. It can literally be used to save your life. It however can also be the basis of all kinds of wrongdoings. The Digital Rights Expo aims to raise awareness of the fact that you need to understand the value of your person data. Especially, that you have human rights, also when active online.

Enjoy the Digital Rights Expo

This expo will expand every couple of days.

Being online can bring great things.

Being online can bring bad things.


Loverboys online

Through social media, loverboys can easily select their victims. They make selections based on looks, chats and friends. They make contact with their target with the aim to seduce the person by giving understanding and trust. Once seduced, the victim will be forced to sell drugs or sell their body. The entire process can take place in a single day.

Dating app to the rescue

A girl with two friends in the wilderness became stranded on a mountain. They were too far away for emergency responders to help them. The girl cleverly set up a profile on a dating app and started her search for a ‘match’ who based on location data was nearby. Shortly hereafter a match was made. The man showed up quickly and helped the girls resume their trip safely.

"In our need to explore the world and the people around you, Internet is a great tool to use. Internet brings us an efficient way to gather information and to contact friends or professionals. This type of easy access brings challenges to our privacy without us perhaps knowing it. We are becoming vulnerable, because our profile, person data is being used by many instances we don’t know. One of our digital rights is that privacy and security is important, but what is our own role? Stay free and do it with care. Stand up for your digital rights."

Marcel Kaptein

Cyber bullying

A 14 year old boy commits suicide after bullying. Classmates sent him death threats on his cell phone and made him the subject of a social media hate group. He hang himself in the family garage.

Crowdfunding for good

A baby was diagnosed with having SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) and had a life expectancy of 2 years. Thanks to a text message funding project, which almost a million people responded to, she was able to receive an expensive cure for her disease.

Racial profiling

Facial recognition software is added to a network of surveillance cameras by a state and is used to track and control a minority group of citizens. A new kind of ‘racism’ is born.

Gamification in health research

A research centre developed a game where participants are super heroes who solve puzzles. In the study against a certain type of cancer challenges were translated into puzzles. This made the method more efficient and saved time.

Hate through social media

According to UN researchers social media had a ‘decisive role’ in stimulating brutal violence against a minority group. Military personnel made fake profiles of fans of popstars and national heroes and posted their hatred against the group. Hate grew and a genocide followed.

Sharing cars for a sustainable city

When sharing a car with people from the same neighbourhood online agenda’s and costs are shared in order to reserve a car. This brings sustainability advantages and positive effects on available space in the city.

Algorithms influencing democracy

With a dataset of millions of citizens it is possible to select and target a group of people who can easily be influenced. By sending them ‘coloured’ information elections and referenda can be won.

Reading aloud

Reading aloud has a positive effect on vocabulary, spelling and text comprehension. It also has positive bonding effects. There is an online app that enables grandparents to read aloud to their grandchild while video chatting. This is a solution for having contact at a distance 'bringing together' the elderly and the very young.

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